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Couples Counseling | Dr. Michael D. Smith, PsyD., PC


Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders in Adults, Children and Adolescents

Maternal Depression, During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Attention and Learning Disorders

Couples Counseling

Family Therapy

Post-Divorce Adjustment

Areas of Specialty

Couples Counseling

You might think a marriage is between two people, but in fact each person brings the shadows of parents and a lifetime of partners to the marital relationship. No relationship brings more primitive issues to the fore than marriage

In counseling, I help individuals to separate their issues from those of the partner, and of the marriage. I help couples develop tools to navigate the conscious and non-conscious reactions to one another, to better understand beliefs, feelings and reactions to intimacy,  This with time facilitates a purer understanding of their partner, and the aspects of themselves their partner reflects back to them..

An inherent dynamic in any relationship is the conflict that occurs when two people realize they have a difference.  Often it is difficult for individuals who are intimate to stay connected when conflicts arise. When couples develop their own strategies to negotiate conflict, as well as confidence in their own emotional resilience – that marital issues won’t destroy them – this supports a healthy, open and enduring relationship.  To that end, couples need to understand the overt and covert meaning of their communication, on a verbal and physical level. Once an individual understands how he or she is triggered by specific words and actions, and learn to communicate more effectively and react less impulsively, the couple can begin to interrelate in more positive, productive way.