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Maternal Depression | Dr. Michael D. Smith, PsyD., PC


Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders in Adults, Children and Adolescents

Maternal Depression, During Pregnancy and Postpartum

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Maternal Depression, During Pregnancy and Postpartum

For many women, the experience of having a baby and becoming a mother is much different than what they expected it to be – both physical and psychological. Motherhood is not just about joy, but also exhaustion, confusion, but also coping with abrupt change in her relationship to her spouse, family, friends as well as her own body. Added to that is also the isolation many a new mother feels. The support of her partner is critical, but that person too many be coping with this sea change of existence.

The hormonal and biochemical shifts that all women experience postpartum as well as perhaps complications during pregnancy and birth, all contribute to the onset of a mood disorder. Her personal history, previous emotional distress and the quality of her relationships all play a part as well.

 Through therapy, I help a mother explore her multifaceted reactions to parenthood, and develop confidence in the evolving relationship with her child and with her partner. This entails examining the breadth of issues that surface during this major life transition, both personal and interpersonal. Her primary connections to partner and family are crucial to weathering the psychological and physical stresses of new motherhood.